April 15, 2024

Unicorn Overlord, Vanillaware’s tackle the tactical/technique style, is right here, and it’s good. The sport blends the most effective of real-time and turn-based technique video games to create a melting-pot of tactical fight. As a comply with as much as the studio’s final recreation, the twisting narrative journey of 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, Unicorn Overlord is mild on story. It’s a fairly common medieval fantasy world, however for individuals who need a deep fight centered RPG to dig into, that is the sport for you.

However the advanced battles imply that Unicorn Overlord is bursting on the seams with extra techniques than you possibly can shake a sword at. If you end up simply getting began it may be loads to absorb, so right here’s a crash course on the most effective suggestions you’ll need to know in regards to the recreation.

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Improve models ASAP

Screenshot: Atlus

Earlier than you discover the world of Fevrith and wage conflict so far as the attention can see, the very first thing it is best to do is improve your models. Unicorn Overlord begins gamers off with solely two models, every of which is restricted to 2 characters. When you land in Cornia, you’ll be given facet quests that nudge you to unlock extra models and broaden the models you’ve got. Do that shortly. Having extra models and characters per unit is crucial for constructing sturdy methods in battle. Two models may also not lower it when the sport begins throwing big battles at you that contain enemies coming at you in all instructions. You possibly can earn extra honors via deliveries and facet quests and improve your models.

All the time defend your command publish

Each battle in Unicorn Overlord has a lose situation, sometimes your Command Put up being captured by the enemy. Because you begin each battle by deploying from the Command Put up, you may think this might be laborious to overlook. You’d be improper. When battles change into hectic, it’s all too potential to have your models deep in enemy territory and utterly overlook in regards to the Command Put up you left unguarded. Out of the blue, proper when you find yourself about to defeat a boss, a humble infantry unit seize’s your unguarded Command Put up and its recreation over. When you’ve got the Valor Factors, deploy and garrison a unit at your Command Put up so it’s by no means left susceptible.

Activate auto-pause in settings

Battles don’t look ahead to you in Unicorn Overlord. They happen in actual time, and the second a battle begins, enemies might be coming at you. To present your self time to evaluate the scenario, you’ll need to pause. To make this simpler you possibly can go into the choices menu and activate the “Auto-Pause at Begin of Stage” toggle. This manner, you don’t have to recollect to pause, the sport simply does it for you and you’ll plan with out giving the enemy a head begin.

Companion facet quests are important

Alain and Clive meet Berenice who says "Don't even thinka bout it!"

Screenshot: Atlus

The story of Unicorn Overlord is nothing particular, however you might want to be doing companion facet quests on the earth anyway. By taking up these quests, which you provoke by speaking to particular NPCs on the overworld, you’ll ultimately unlock new characters and unit sorts. Amassing all of the characters offers you the most effective number of fighters so as to add to your models when the necessity arises.

Unit group is extra vital than stage

Each character has a stage, and each battle has a really useful stage. This could principally be ignored. Unit group and character sorts have rather more sway over battle outcomes than ranges. This isn’t a recreation that permits you to brute-force your approach via a stage with power, you might want to take a second to suppose. This has the good thing about letting you tackle battles you’re underleveled for, as a wise plan will at all times outweigh energy.

Spare Mordon

An early battle you’ll come throughout is the Battle for Barbatimo. Whenever you win the battle, you’ll be given the choice to spare or execute Mordon. You need to spare him. Mordon unlocks the flexibility to construct bridges throughout the overworld, letting you discover extra locations and gather sources. Whereas one other character with this ability will robotically be part of your occasion later, it’s good to have Mordon early on. As an additional tip, there isn’t actually a great purpose to not spare individuals when given the prospect. Sparing your enemy means they be part of your military, and also you at all times need extra fighters.

Take to the skies

A wyvern knight attacks a cavalry unit on the battlefield

Screenshot: Atlus

Flying characters might be extremely overpowered in Unicorn Overlord. That’s not due to their precise power, however due to their mobility. Making a flying character like a Gryphon Knight, right into a unit chief will enable that unit to fly throughout battlefields. This implies you possibly can utterly bypass troublesome terrain like mountains or fly over enemies altogether. A well-organized unit with a flying character on the lead can usually finish battles in a matter of seconds.

Use objects regularly

With so many techniques happening, it’s straightforward to overlook that you’ve a plethora of things at your disposal. Whereas this consists of the usual therapeutic objects, there are different consumable you need to be conscious of and make use of as usually as you possibly can. Smoked Nuts are an effective way to replenish stamina when endeavor quite a lot of clashes, Magick Mines can simply destroy models, Mild Feathers will make models transfer sooner, and so forth. Each merchandise has a use that may be very important to profitable a battle, and the flexibility to make use of objects as a lot as potential with out burning sources like Valor Factors make them nice to fall again on.

Battle predictions gained’t at all times provide help to

When commanding a unit to assault an enemy, you will notice a fast predictive final result of this encounter. Whereas it’s correct, it will possibly change quickly. You might direct a unit to maneuver throughout the battlefield and be instructed you’ll defeat the enemy with ease, solely to reach at stated conflict and uncover that’s not the case. There are a lot of causes for this. The enemy could have used a Valor Talent or merchandise, or possibly they’re now supported by a unit of archers. Battle predictions are correct, however you might want to verify them regularly to account for real-time state of affairs modifications.

Stationing guards is a fast approach to construct rapport

Rapport screen in Unicorn Overlord showing character affinity with each other

Screenshot: Atlus

There’s a rapport system in Unicorn Overlord that lets characters construct relationships and unlock higher preventing capabilities. This method ultimately turns into essential the principle quest with out a lot warning. If you might want to construct rapport shortly, a easy trick is to station the character you need to construct rapport with at a city after which give them a bunch of items in a row. Although the caveat to this tactic is that it solely works for constructing rapport between Alain and a personality.

Don’t over ship to cities

The world of Fevrith is speckled with cities throughout its map. All of them are in want of some kind of support from Alain to rebuild. That is executed by gathering sources and delivering them. Every city can have a star ranking between one to a few and finishing deliveries provide help to earn stars. After getting stuffed out all a city’s stars, the sport will hold providing you new deliveries. Don’t do them! The city gained’t unlock new issues after its stars are stuffed. You’ll simply be losing sources that could possibly be put in direction of totally rebuilding different cities throughout the map, and there are quite a lot of them.

Save, save, and save

Save usually. I do know that seems like a given. However significantly, it is best to at all times be saving in Unicorn Overlord. Particularly throughout battles. Sure, it can save you in the course of Unicorn Overlord’s expansive and prolonged battles. This can be a nice approach to give your self a lifeline if you happen to make a mistake. As an alternative of beginning over and dropping half an hour of progress, you possibly can simply return a minute or two and re-assess your technique. If you happen to aren’t a fan of save scumming for no matter purpose, then you possibly can honorably fall in your sword. However significantly, save your recreation.

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