June 13, 2024

It could possibly really feel good to place the controller down on the finish of Armored Core VI, comforted by the information that you simply survived its most brutal ability test bosses and realized to configure your complicated mech for no matter new hazard Rubicon threw your means. It could be a mistake to not choose it again up once more although, as Armored Core VI’s new recreation plus mode is the place an awesome recreation begins to get even higher.

After you beat the sport’s last boss and the credit roll, Armored Core VI brings you again to your mech hanger and presents you with the very first mission yet again. At first it looks like you’re simply repeating the complete recreation, solely this time with the entire shotguns, missile launchers, laser swords, and new mech elements you collected throughout your earlier run. However then little modifications begin to pop up—further snippets of dialogue, surprising new selections you possibly can throughout varied missions.

Armored Core VI has “good” and “dangerous” endings, and some branching missions alongside the best way, however its new recreation plus mode is extra than simply an opportunity to take the street much less traveled. There are completely new battles and narrative twists that add new depth to the sport’s thrilling however barebones story. When you’re taking part in and having fun with FromSoftware’s newest mech recreation, do your self a favor and don’t sleep on its new recreation plus.

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The primary wrinkle is available in chapter one’s Assault the Dan Complicated sortie. You’re employed by Balamb to affix its squad of “Crimson Gun” jarheads and destroy Rubicon Liberation Entrance MTs and facility mills. Solely this time the rebels radio you midway by way of and promise to pay you to double-cross the Crimson Weapons and defend the dam. Including to the drama is the truth that the struggle is legitimately arduous, punishingly so in the event you attempt to sleepwalk by way of, and nonetheless difficult even in the event you go in together with your finest late-game loadouts.

An AC talks like a chivilrous knight.

Rokumonsen is likely one of the many pleasures that awaits you on a brand new recreation plus playthrough.
Screenshot: FromSoftware / Kotaku

New recreation plus unlocks further elements too, in addition to extra Area matches to earn the chips wanted to completely improve your OS Tuning ability tree. A whole lot of the missions keep precisely the identical, however they’re excellent testing grounds for the entire gear you bought however didn’t play with the primary time round. Boss fights like Balteus and the Sea Spider, in the meantime, are extremely satisfying to tear by way of with ease in lower than 60 seconds. And a few of my favourite characters in the complete recreation didn’t seem till subsequent playthroughs.

Armored Core VI has three endings whole, the third and last of which is each essentially the most satisfying from a story perspective and essentially the most troublesome to attain, not least of all as a result of it requires beating the sport 3 times. I’m not often one for toiling by way of the identical ranges over and over with minor modifications simply to unlock a cutscene. The thematic resonance of “cycle of violence” tales can solely take these thinly veiled makes an attempt at padding thus far. Armored Core VI’s new recreation plus mode, like its base recreation, doesn’t fiddle although, and I’ve solely fallen extra in love with it every new time I’ve overwhelmed it.

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