June 15, 2024

Closing Fantasy 16 streamlines most of the RPG parts sometimes seen within the Closing Fantasy collection, however you’ll nonetheless must grind to max out Clive’s stats. Initially, this appears like a frightening process. And as of The Rising Tide DLC, you’ll have two extra skill units to grasp on prime of an expanded degree cap of 110 (or 60 outdoors of Closing Fantasy mode, a particular problem obtainable solely in New Recreation +).

Fortuitously, you may dramatically streamline this course of and seize all of the grind-heavy trophies with just a bit little bit of know-how. Let’s cowl the fundamentals.

Earlier than we begin, know you could respec to get the A Most Worthy Vessel trophy in Closing Fantasy 16

Very first thing’s first: The Rising Tide doesn’t technically improve the AP grind for trophy hunters. The 2 new skill units don’t work together with the bottom recreation’s trophies in any respect, despite the fact that the outline for the Masterclass trophy reads, “Improve all feats and talents to their most.” In different phrases, you solely must grasp each skill you earned previous to Leviathan for trophy completion. By the identical token, maxing out both of the brand new skill units is not going to set off the “Sure, Eikon” trophy.

This implies you may straight-up cheese the “A Most Worthy Vessel” trophy in The Rising Tide. To rapidly max out the 2 new skill units, simply reset your talent tree by both holding Sq. over every skill or holding down the touchpad. Max out each new DLC skill utilizing your stack of AP, and also you’ll set off the A Most Worthy Vessel trophy instantly. Reset these expertise once more, reinvest within the talents you need to use, and also you’re carried out. No maxing out required!

In fact, you’ll nonetheless want a hefty chunk of AP to earn the Masterclass trophy. Let’s go over how to try this.

Screenshot: Sq. Enix / Kotaku

To grind EXP and AP quick, play on Closing Fantasy mode

That is stating the plain, however one of the best ways to grind EXP and AP in Closing Fantasy 16 is to naturally progress within the recreation. You’ll discover ample sidequests and elective hunt targets as you full the principle story, which dish out far more EXP and AP than typical overworld monsters will. Should you’re caught in the principle story, ensure you defeat any lingering hunt targets and clear each quest yow will discover.

When you full the sport on Story-Targeted or Motion-Targeted mode, you’ll unlock Closing Fantasy mode. This selection is unique to New Recreation + and raises the extent cap by 50, but additionally pits Clive towards more durable monsters. Enemies in Closing Fantasy mode award considerably extra EXP and AP, to the purpose that farming monsters in Story-Targeted or Motion-Targeted mode is virtually a waste of time. In addition to, in the event you’re concerned about trophy completion, you’ll must clear Closing Fantasy mode anyway.

As an apart, Echoes of the Fallen and The Rising Tide are each value doing earlier than difficult Closing Fantasy mode. Not solely will you get numerous EXP and AP via these, you’ll additionally earn some highly effective gear that can carry you thru a large chunk of Closing Fantasy mode. Additionally, the brand new Eikon talents in The Rising Tide are very sturdy. I can’t stress that final level sufficient.

Clive talks to Charon at her shop.

Screenshot: Sq. Enix / Kotaku

Make certain to craft The Wages of Warcraft II and On Fortune and the Heavens II

The opposite enormous perk of Closing Fantasy mode is entry to upgraded equipment. After the sport’s second time-skip, you’ll have the choice to purchase The Wages of Warcraft and On Fortune and the Heavens, which is able to enhance your fee of AP and EXP acquisition respectively. Whereas these can be found in your first playthrough, Closing Fantasy mode will allow you to craft upgraded variations of every of those by buying two of them. Simply head to the Blacksmith with copies of every scroll in hand, choose the Reinforce tab, and fuse the 2 items collectively.

Just a few notes about these upgraded equipment. The unhealthy information is you could’t equip a number of copies of a single accent. The excellent news is The Wages of Warcraft II and On Fortune and the Heavens II do stack with their unupgraded counterparts. That is one more reason why grinding in Closing Fantasy mode is quicker; you may earn an additional 30% EXP and 40% AP on prime of the elevated positive aspects from enemies.

If you wish to utterly skip the grind, equipping On Fortune and the Heavens II all through a Closing Fantasy mode playthrough ought to get you sufficient AP to earn the Masterclass trophy. This does imply you’ll sacrifice an adjunct slot for a lot of the recreation. Nonetheless, in the event you’re a trophy hunter who values effectivity, the profit is properly value the price.

A map screen highlights a location in Waloed.

Screenshot: Sq. Enix / Kotaku

The most effective place to farm AP in Closing Fantasy 16

Now, assuming you bought right through Closing Fantasy mode and nonetheless want AP, one of the best grinding spot is in Waloed. Particularly, warp to the Ravenwit Partitions fast-travel level and go to the east aspect of Kritten Hole. See the map above for reference.

Right here you’ll discover a group of Hyenas operating about which might be inexplicably value a ton of AP. They go down simply, so simply equip as many ultimates or area-of-effect expertise you may to take them out. With each Wages of Warcraft outfitted, defeating this group can web you as much as 1280 AP per run. Afterwards, reload into the realm by way of the Ravenwit Partitions quick journey level, trip your chocobo to the place the Hyenas spawn, and repeat till you may have all of the AP you want.

Now, despite the fact that enemies within the DLC areas of the sport are greater degree than this, they offer out far much less AP than base recreation foes do. EXP, however, is a unique story.

Clive and other characters are seen in combat with a little blue orb.

Screenshot: Sq. Enix / Kotaku

The most effective locations to farm EXP in Closing Fantasy 16

Whereas the Hyenas will show you how to degree up, there are at the very least two superior strategies to farming EXP if AP is not a problem. The primary and most easy farming technique is by repeating the primary battle within The Sagespire, the dungeon from Echoes of the Fallen.

The very first room you’ll enter right here contains a excessive density of weak enemies you could simply burn by utilizing an final skill or two. Defeating these will spawn one foe with a stagger bar, however even this enemy doesn’t take too terribly lengthy to dispatch. Clear via the group, and also you’ll obtain north of half 1,000,000 EXP with On Fortune and the Heavens outfitted. Anticipate the end result display to pop up (you gained’t really obtain any EXP in any other case), restart the dungeon by urgent on the touchpad, and repeat till you may have the EXP you want.

Clive spies a level 100 enemy called a Grey Widow in a forest area.

Screenshot: Sq. Enix / Kotaku

The second technique entails…properly, exploring Mysidia in The Rising Tide. Whereas the enemies right here aren’t fairly as wealthy in EXP, they’re densely concentrated all through this map. What’s extra, after you full aspect quests in Haven, you’ll be capable to discover Aquamarine all through Mysidia. You’ll want these stones to craft equipment for Leviathan’s expertise, so that you’ll earn an enormous chunk of EXP from defeating enemies whilst you search for them. I wouldn’t advocate mindlessly exploring Mysidia when you’ve crafted and upgraded every thing you may, however this can be a enjoyable little distraction that’s simple to miss on a traditional playthrough.

There’s nothing to explicitly achieve from hitting degree 110, however hey, typically we don’t want trophies or achievements to shoot for our personal definitions of 100% completion. So whatever the farming technique you select, I simply hope you may have enjoyable within the course of. Keep in mind to take a while to pet Torgal simply to maintain the vibes enjoyable whilst you grind.

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