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As a fantasy RPG, Ultimate Fantasy VII Rebirth supplies characters with all types of distinctive skills. One of many foremost methods you acquire new powers in Rebirth is thru materia, magical orbs discovered all through the sport’s world that grant characters with spells, new powers, stat boosts, and the flexibility to summon highly effective creatures to assist them in battle.

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Materia allows you to exploit a personality’s weaknesses or double down on their strengths. Although Rebirth provides many extra non-materia skills than Remake did, everybody’s favourite magical orbs are nonetheless crucial for getting an edge in your opponent. This information will break down how materia works, basic greatest practices, recommendation for beginning out, and the important thing items of materia you’ll wish to equip ASAP.

Rebirth has 5 varieties of materia

Like earlier FF7 video games, materia is damaged down into varied classes. Rebirth has 5 of them, every color-coded.

  • Inexperienced: Magic Materia (allows you to solid offensive and defensive spells)
  • Yellow: Command Materia (grants you new skills)
  • Purple: Full Materia (boosts stats)
  • Crimson: Summoning Materia (summon highly effective creatures in fight)
  • Blue: Assist Materia (augments the talents of different materia)

Every class has a number of sorts of materia in it. The title of any given materia orb roughly tells you what it does. By figuring out the colour, you possibly can assume what it should do. Steal materia is a yellowCommand materia, and offers you the Steal potential. In the meantime Hearth materia is inexperienced Magic materia, and offers you the flexibility to solid fireplace spells.

Viewing and equipping your materia

You possibly can view your materia within the Stock part of the principle menu, however it’s greatest to only go to the Materia and Tools part first. By deciding on a personality after which hitting triangle, you possibly can enter the materia slot part (every weapon and piece of armor allows you to slot in materia as a way to use it). Right here, you’ll get a center menu that exhibits you all of the materia you personal. You possibly can tab via the totally different classes and even kind them by urgent R3.

Materia influences your stats

Materia unlocks spells and new skills, and it additionally impacts every character’s stats. That is key to getting essentially the most out of equipping these magical orbs. Magic materia, for instance, will increase your out there MP and, generally, different stats (Time materia, for instance, can increase a personality’s Magic Assault, Protection, Magic, and Spirit stats).

Observe the blue textual content exhibits how Cloud’s stats will enhance with this materia outfitted.
Screenshot: Sq. Enix / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

However not all materia boosts stats. Command materia, for instance, already grants you a brand new potential, so it doesn’t provide any stat modifications.

Summon materia, notably, typically has a drastic impact on stats, often boosting HP in addition to particular stats like assaults and protection. That is all of the extra motive you need to try to get as a lot summon materia as you possibly can.

Combining materia

Getting essentially the most out of your materia is a balancing act between a personality’s strengths and mixing your orbs successfully. Some weapons and armor allow you to be part of Assist materia to different kinds. You will discover these by the infinity-looking linked slots within the materia tools part.

Combining a Assist materia like Enlarge with Magic materia like Time will allow you to solid Haste on all of your social gathering members without delay in fight. Conversely, when you be part of Enlarge with Magic materia that allows you to make a spell assault, your spell will multiply and assault a number of foes without delay. Different kinds of Assist materia will allow you to enhance how a given piece of materia ranges up (AP Up Materia). You’ll wish to combine and match materia because it matches your wants and targets for character builds.

Assigning materia throughout all characters

When you begin gathering extra materia, it’s possible you’ll wish to view the Materia loadouts on your whole workforce unexpectedly. Enter the Materia and Tools part of the principle menu and hit the touchpad to get a hen’s eye view of what everybody has outfitted.

This display is sweet for making broad changes throughout the entire social gathering. Because it doesn’t present you particular person stat modifications, you’ll wish to make closing selections in every character’s particular menu.

Early materia selections and greatest practices

Rebirth doesn’t bathe you with materia if you begin the sport. That’s okay—it’s a dense RPG so generally it’s greatest to take issues in at bite-sized quantities. It does provide sufficient magical orbs and gil (the sport’s in-world foreign money) nonetheless, to get you began.

Observe that as time goes on, we’ll seemingly see extra clear and overpowered meta builds round materia configurations. Regardless, one of many strengths of this method is that it allows you to be inventive with assigning spells and talents to totally different characters.

At first of the sport, as soon as you possibly can roam round Kalm and go to outlets, hitting up the merchandise store and grabbing one among every of the fundamental Magic materias: Lightning, Ice, Hearth, and Wind. Alternatively, you possibly can seize an elemental spell or two and an orb of Therapeutic materia, so a number of members within the social gathering can heal through magic (ensuring each character can heal, and ultimately revive, was a go-to technique for me).

Upon getting these additional orbs, I like to recommend going into Materia and Tools and unequipping every bit of materia your social gathering already hasr to begin from scratch. Then, check out every of the character’s stats. Discover how Aerith has one of the best Magic Assault, whereas Tifa’s Assault is strongest. Barret has the best HP. That you must take these base stats into consideration as you equip materia.

For now, I like to recommend sticking with among the sport’s default choices, however making just a few key modifications:

  • Give Barret HP Up Materia to make him a greater tank and Therapeutic materia so he can heal himself and different social gathering members.
  • Give Cloud the Precision Protection Focus Materia as you’ll seemingly keep on with him because the social gathering lead and can do loads of blocking (which is required to tug off Synergy Abilities). He also needs to hold on to Assess materia.
  • Give Aerith one among every elemental Magic materia so she will be able to ship highly effective assaults (made even higher by way of her Arcane Ward potential, which doubles assaults). She ought to maintain a Prayer materia, too.
  • Each lively social gathering member ought to have summon materia, outfitted based mostly on which boosts their strongest stats most.

The materia system’s strengths lie in letting you both double down on a personality’s inherent strengths, or conversely, you possibly can enhance areas the place they’re missing.

The place to search out higher materia and easy methods to enhance those you might have

You’ll come throughout extra materia as you proceed to play the sport. Materia outlets are indicated on the map by an orb icon, however many merchandise outlets (indicated by a bag image) even have materia. As you full quests and discover the world, you’ll discover extra materia. You may as well have Chadley develop materia. As you full World Intel duties (activating towers, scanning lifesprings, finishing summon puzzles), you possibly can have him develop materia for you, and he has some good ones.

A screenshot of Chadley's materia store shows a Fire and Ice materia orb.

Screenshot: Sq. Enix / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

It is best to snag Hearth and Ice materia from Chadley as quickly as you possibly can, as this can let a personality solid each Lightning and Wind for the price of only one materia slot. Summon materia could be earned by defeating summons within the battle area—you possibly can simplify these fights and get extra highly effective materia by finishing the summoning puzzles discovered all through the world.

Listed here are another nice items of materia to snag:

  • Barrier materia: allows you to solid a protecting spell to mitigate totally different sorts of harm (purchasable at Costa Del Sol)
  • Time materia: allows you to velocity up your social gathering members ATB gauges or decelerate enemies (earned in chapter 6 from the Pirates’ Rampage mini-game)
  • Enlarge materia: allows you to goal a number of enemies or social gathering members with a joined spell (earned from Cait Sith and the ultimate facet quest in Cosmo Canyon)
  • Revival materia: allows you to revive a fallen social gathering member (purchasable at Cosmo Canyon)

Additionally, you will come throughout AP Up materia. When joined with one other piece of materia, it should enhance the quantity of AP it earns in every battle, thus leveling up materia even faster and permitting you entry to extra highly effective spells

A system that frees up characters from designated class roles, materia is about discovering enjoyable combos as a lot as it’s about making your characters much more highly effective. There’s a motive Yuffie’s so keen to search out extra of it: The extra materia you might have, the stronger and extra dynamic your social gathering will likely be.

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