April 14, 2024

Screenshot: Sq. Enix / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

When you’ve assembled all of your troops, it’s time to configure the marching order for the parade. Hit L2 to begin arranging them. Completely different assemblies will affect the problem of the upcoming parade sequence throughout three performances. The upper the problem, the higher the reward—and and the enhance toyour relationship ranges with Tifa and Aerith.

Should you select safety officers throughout the entire lineup, you’ll get the simplest parade sequences for all three performances. The issue ranges will change in actual time as you alter the troopers. So you possibly can choose one thing that’s extra balanced. However probably the most difficult and rewarding lineup consists of two grenadiers, two riot troopers, and one flame trooper.

The parade sequence isn’t straightforward, particularly contemplating all of the working round it’s important to do to assemble up your troops. Whilst you could miss out on an opportunity to enhance your relationship with Tifa and Aerith in case you don’t carry out effectively the primary time, you possibly can all the time return to the parade sequence by choosing Chapter 4 from the chapter choose after ending the sport.