April 14, 2024

Epic RPG Closing Fantasy VII Rebirth has lots of preventing. Like rather a lot. Naturally, you’ll wish to up your harm output, solid buffs and debuffs to get by means of these fights, however therapeutic materia is without doubt one of the most important orbs you may snag and slap into your weapon or armor.

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I’ve gathered up all of the materia (be jealous, Yuffie) that’ll heal you, revive you, remedy standing circumstances, and basically maintain you within the struggle for longer on this information. Plus, if you happen to’re able to tackle Arduous Mode, you’ll be locked out of utilizing objects. Which means no X-Potions or Mist Giga-Potions. Factoring restorative materia into builds is necessary for any Arduous Mode run.

A few of these materia are inexperienced Magic materia, whereas others are purple Full or yellow Command. If you happen to’re undecided of the variations, try basic materia information for some fundamentals. In any other case, right here’s the place to search out all of the materia to maintain your HP up! (Sure, together with HP Up!).

Therapeutic Materia

Therapeutic materia permits you to solid Remedy to begin, after which Cura, Regen*, and finally Curaga as you earn extra AP. Characters with a excessive Magic stat will heal probably the most when casting. You could find Therapeutic materia within the following places (along with Cloud having an orb geared up at first of the sport):

  • Most materia and merchandise distributors
  • Reward for “Grasslands Area Intel: Degree 1” in Chadley’s Fight Simulator
  • The Solid Break Room of the Gold Saucer
  • The Corridor of Diversion within the Cave of the Gi, rewarded for dropping the pale materia in entrance of Bugenhagen
  • Reward for an A-rank in six Piano mini-game performances

*Regen causes you to regenerate HP. Enjoyable reality, it additionally cancels out Poison. You received’t get the Regen standing impact if you happen to solid it on somebody with Poison, nevertheless it’s a easy resolution if you happen to’re not utilizing objects otherwise you don’t have Cleaning materia geared up.

Revival Materia

Revival materia permits you to increase your lifeless comrades in battle. It begins with Increase as the primary spell, which revives and restores an honest quantity of HP. After incomes 5,000 AP you’ll be capable to solid Come up, which revives a personality for full hit factors. You could find Revive Materia from the next places:

  • Offered by most merchandise and materia distributors after chapter 9
  • Reward for “Nibel Area Intel: Degree 2” in Chadley’s Fight Simulator

I personally have Revive geared up on each character. I think there are extra economical options, nevertheless it grants me peace of thoughts figuring out everybody can resurrect somebody.

Reraise Materia

Reraise will permit a personality to routinely revive themselves after getting knocked out. It does value 35 MP to solid, so whereas it could grant peace of thoughts, it positive is pricey. You could find Reraise materia in these places:

  • Developed with Chadley from Meridian Ocean Intel*
  • Developed with Chadley from Meridian Ocean

*You’ll be capable to earn Information Factors from the Meridian Ocean when you full all Protorelic actions in different areas of the world.

Cleaning Materia

Beginning with Poisona, which cures Poison, Cleaning materia will stage as much as grant Esuna, after which finally Resist. The previous cures any destructive standing impact whereas the latter offers you immunity to them. You could find Cleaning materia within the following places:

  • Offered by most merchandise and materia distributors ranging from chapter six
  • Discovered throughout the “The place The Wind Blows” side-quest within the Grasslands
  • Reward for “Junon Area Intel: Degree 2” in Chadley’s Fight Simulator

Chakra Materia

A Command (yellow) materia, Chakra heals for a share of the harm you’ve taken. It scales up because the materia earns extra AP from fight thusly: 20% of injury taken, 25%, 30%, 35%, after which 40%. As a Command materia, it’s not present in Spells, however relatively Talents. You may supply Chakra materia from the next locations:

  • Tifa’s beginning materia loadout
  • Purchasable from most materia and merchandise retailers
  • Reward for Crunch-Off on the gymnasium in Corel
  • Within the Water Grotto at Cosmo Canyon
  • Within the Temple of the Ancients after the primary gravity shift

Prayer Materia

Prayer heals all celebration members and doesn’t value MP because it’s a Command materia. It may be leveled up through AP 5 instances, with every stage growing the quantity of therapeutic dealt. You could find Prayer materia within the following locations:

  • Purchasable from most merchandise and materia retailers in chapter 10 and onwards
  • A part of Aerith’s beginning materia loadout
  • In a chest close to Phenomenon Intel 4 in Gongaga

I ended up leaving Prayer materia behind in favor of linking Amplify materia with Therapeutic materia. Cait Sith has Amplify geared up when he joins your celebration. You may in any other case discover it within the Northern Ridge space of Mt. Nibel and after finishing the Sufferer of Circumstance side-quest, in addition to Brutal Problem: Hellions’ Intonement in Chadley’s Fight state of affairs. It’s a fairly highly effective materia that I discovered was only when linked to restorative materia and ones that buff statuses.

HP Absorption Materia

You’ll must hyperlink this materia with an elemental spell. As soon as accomplished, you may solid that spell and have its harm transformed into therapeutic. You could find HP Absorption materia from the next places:

  • Develop with Chadley from Corel Area Intel (you may create a most of two orbs this fashion)

HP Up Materia

As a purple, Full materia, HP Up doesn’t heal you. It does, nonetheless, increase your HP from 10% at its early stage to 30% at max. You could find HP Up within the following locations:

  • A part of Yuffie’s beginning loadout
  • Purchasable at most merchandise and materia distributors
  • Reward for “Fight Coaching: Newbie’s Corridor” in Chadley’s Fight Simulator
  • In a ship on Underneath Junon’s shore
  • Earn an A-Rank on a efficiency of “On Our Manner” on Piano
  • In a nook on the Occasion Sq.’s Golden Theater on the Gold Saucer
  • Within the Dustbowl Bandit’s Bluff
  • Reward for “Gongaga Area Intel: Degree 2” in Chadley’s Fight Simulator

You may stack HP Up materia for a most of an additional 30%. Observe that when leveled all the way in which up, HP Up will already enhance your HP by 30%, so whereas stacking is perhaps a fast repair early on, it’s extra economical to stage up a number of situations of it and equip them throughout totally different characters (Barret is an effective alternative since he’s a wonderful tank).

Whereas it does assist to think about materia when it comes to its color-coded classes, I discovered that I used to be only in fight once I thought of broader performance of materia, whatever the color-coding. Irrespective of the way you strategy materia or the way you spec out sure characters, materia conjures up a type of RPG character spec tinkering that has clearly withstood the check of time having originated in 1997.