July 13, 2024

Excellent news, troopers of democracy: Helldivers 2 is getting new weapons and kit that can assist you battle the robotic menace. You’ll need to earn these new toys (and pay for a brand new premium battle move), however these upcoming electric- and laser-based weapons ought to assist flip the tide of battle, and presumably assist the neighborhood keep away from one other robotic Vietnam.

Introduced on March 7, Helldivers 2 is getting a brand new premium battle move: Reducing Edge. The brand new move shall be launched on March 14. Within the sport, battle passes—or warbonds as they’re referred to as in Helldivers 2-let gamers unlock new weapons, cosmetics, and kit utilizing medals that may be earned by taking part in missions, discovering them on planets, or ending particular quests. And fortunately, battle passes stick round eternally, so that you gained’t need to rush to unlock the whole lot on any outdated or new warbonds.