April 19, 2024

Picture: Arrowhead Recreation Studios / Sony

Helldivers 2 has solely been out for a few month and has already developed a lot. At first, gamers have been solely laying waste to bugs, however now there are additionally killer robots to combat on the opposite facet of the galaxy. Planets have been liberated, whereas others have fallen, and divers found that they’re kind of working in opposition to a lone developer pulling the strings within the sport’s ongoing battle narrative. An previous faction is likely to be coming back from the primary sport and mechs are completely arriving any day now to assist the continued liberation efforts. Now, Helldivers 2’s newest patch is altering the sport once more, and even making it reside as much as its title.

Helldivers 2’s first steadiness patch, 01.000.100, makes some drastic modifications, however few will probably be as apparent as the brand new planetary hazards that Arrowhead Recreation Studios has added. Gamers leaping into the sport after this patch will discover that alongside the bugs and robots, they may now have nature to deal with. As if the percentages weren’t already stacked in opposition to gamers on the toughest difficulties, Helldivers 2 will now boast results like hearth tornadoes and meteor showers that happen at random intervals all through missions. And these are solely the phenomena that Arrowhead bothered teasing within the patch notes, throwing in an ominous “and extra” that has me fearful in regards to the missions I’ll probably undertake this weekend. If there’s a blinding blizzard on some snowy planet, I’m going to lose it.

To make issues worse, Arrowhead may be very clearly conscious of the shortly shaped “meta” loadouts that gamers have been utilizing to make brief work of Helldivers 2’s normally overwhelming odds, and is nerfing them. Adjustments minimizing the results of the Breaker and Vitality Defend Backpack are among the many extra drastic tweaks made, however not the whole lot was weakened. Weapons just like the flamethrower and laser cannon have really been made extra highly effective, and the 120mm and 380mm orbital barrage stratagems have had their bombardment interval prolonged, although their unfold has been lessened. That is nice information for me, who has regularly eaten shit when my good friend has dropped the latter stratagem a bit too shut for consolation.

Moreover, Arrowhead is elevating the completion requirement of the Eradication mission sort, which has seen an inflow of gamers making an attempt to farm in quickplay and screwing over their teammates by swiftly exiting upon finishing the goals. Not solely do gamers must kill extra enemies now, however these enemies additionally spawn way more aggressively, which makes the missions “take twice as lengthy to finish” now.

In all seriousness, it’s good to see Arrowhead work so shortly to dismantle the shortcuts gamers have discovered to sport the system, if solely as a result of adhering to Helldivers 2’s nightmarish whims is half the enjoyable of enjoying it. It’s the uncommon case the place doing exceptionally properly on the sport appears counterintuitive to having fun with what makes it so particular.