June 13, 2024

On the finish of The Rising Tide DLC in Remaining Fantasy XVI, you’ll should go toe-to-toe with Remaining Fantasy’s iconic sea serpent: Leviathan. Like its predecessor, Echoes of the Fallen, The Rising Tide is already more difficult than the bottom sport, and Leviathan kicks the issue up one more notch. Not solely is that this a four-phase boss battle, however you even have to make use of Ifrit all through all the encounter. This implies there are not any particular builds you should use to cheese this one; it’s simply you and your abilities in opposition to the monster.

Fortuitously, this combat is surmountable with a little bit of persistence and technique. There are checkpoints for every section of this encounter, and dying will replenish your stack of Firelights should you want further therapeutic. Additionally, Leviathan will repeat assaults all through every section, so that you don’t should memorize too a lot to make quick work of the fish. Right here’s what you should do.

NOTE: This information is predicated on the Remaining Fantasy mode model of the combat. Nonetheless, the mechanics seem like equivalent to these seen in Story-Centered and Motion-Centered mode.

Section 1: By way of the Maelstrom

At first of the encounter, Ifrit will likely be in freefall in opposition to Leviathan. You’ve seen this gimmick in different Eikon fights (specifically Titan), so the identical guidelines apply. Your motion is restricted right here, so use long-range magic assaults when Leviathan is way away and melee assaults as soon as it enters into shut vary. Do not forget that of Ifrit’s two particular strikes, Spitflare is a long-range assault and Brimstone is a charged melee assault. This can change into crucial in section 3.

You’ll predominantly depend on precision dodges to keep away from harm, so studying Leviathan’s assaults is essential. Leviathan received’t all the time use the identical assaults so as, however it should virtually all the time telegraph them in the identical manner all through this section. Right here’s what to look out for.

Screenshot: Sq. Enix / Kotaku

One of many first essential assaults Leviathan will use is telegraphed by its tail starting to glow. It’s going to spin round and attempt to whip you vertically, so you’ll wish to time your dodge as soon as Leviathan is the other way up and about to smack you. See the above image for reference.

Leviathan fires an intense blue beam.

Screenshot: Sq. Enix / Kotaku

Leviathan can even spit a water jet from its mouth, beginning at one finish of the world earlier than twisting its head (and the beam) to the opposite facet. To deal with this, watch for its head to start turning, and dodge roll into the beam. This gives you a beneficiant window to land a precision dodge and keep away from harm.

Arcs of glowing blue water criss-cross the screen, and the attack name Riptide can be seen.

Screenshot: Sq. Enix / Kotaku

Fortuitously, Levithan’s different assaults will likely be known as out with capacity names. When Leviathan casts Riptide, rings of water will seem round Ifrit that can harm him on contact. After about two seconds, the rings will shut in on Ifrit. Just like the water jet, watch for the rings of water to shut in, then dodge in any route to drag off a precision dodge.

The attack name Spinning Dive is seen as Ifrit hovers above (or falls below) torrential waters

Screenshot: Sq. Enix / Kotaku

Spinning Dive is an analogous story, nevertheless it’s a bit trickier because the assault will go off solely a second after the title seems on the display. Fortuitously, you’ll be able to predict when it’s coming, since Levithan will swim into the wall of the waterspout earlier than utilizing it. The water will begin to glow, after which you’ll wish to dodge proper when Leviathan’s head seems out of the water. There will likely be a loud splashing sound when Leviathan emerges, so you should use that as a cue for when to dodge.

Ifrit evades a massive blue beam as the attack name Tidal Roar is displayed.

Screenshot: Sq. Enix / Kotaku

The opposite two named assaults are long-range, which makes them a bit simpler to deal with. The primary of those is Tidal Roar, during which Leviathan will telegraph an enormous AoE earlier than blasting it at you. Whereas this appears to cowl all the enviornment at a look, the edges are protected spots so long as you don’t unintentionally tiptoe into the assault. Use Wildfire to get out of the best way, and use ranged assaults to get some free hits in.

Many orbs are seen, as is the attack name Grand Fall.

Screenshot: Sq. Enix / Kotaku

When Leviathan makes use of Grand Fall, a number of water orbs will seem in a spiral. Every orb will flash earlier than zooming at no matter location you have been in on the time they mild up. There’s actually not a lot to say right here; zip across the enviornment to dodge the orbs, and time your dodges every time any orbs get shut. You possibly can chain precision dodges one after the opposite right here, however you will get unfortunate and have an orb hit you proper when your invulnerability frames put on off, so watch out.

Observe that these water orbs will likely be a recurring assault all through all phases of this combat. Even in Section 1, Leviathan can shoot teams of water orbs at you with out utilizing Grand Fall. However whatever the scenario, keep in mind that they’ll flash earlier than capturing towards you. Time your dodging accordingly.

Assaults will repeat from right here, so simply preserve dodging and inflicting harm in any protected openings you’ll find. As soon as Leviathan reaches about 75% HP, a cutscene will play which is able to launch you into Section 2. There’s a cinematic dodge to drag off right here, so press R1 on the immediate in the course of the scene.

Ifrit looks up at Leviathan and a row of blue orbs.

Screenshot: Sq. Enix / Kotaku

Section 2: Surging tides develop daring

Fortuitously, the remaining phases of the combat will put Ifrit on a correct battle enviornment as a substitute of the extra limiting freefall of Section 1. What’s extra, you’ll begin to see assaults from Section 1 repeat right here. Since you’ll be able to dodge most of them in a lot the identical manner as you probably did earlier than (with one slight exception), I received’t cowl every transfer intimately. Nonetheless, should you didn’t nail the dodge timing earlier than, you now have a lot extra wiggle room to simply Wildfire out of the best way of any assaults you see coming.

Ifrit is seen standing in a glowing ring on the water's surface as the attack name Breach is displayed.

Screenshot: Sq. Enix / Kotaku

One of many central new assaults to be careful for is Breach. Leviathan will dive into the water earlier than the assault title will seem, and a large space of impact marker will likely be telegraphed round Ifrit. To dodge Breach, instantly use Wildfire to get out of the circle. The timing on that is tight, so that you’ll have higher odds of dodging should you begin transferring as soon as Leviathan enters the water. I wouldn’t suggest attempting to precision dodge this one, but when you are able to do it, knock your self out!

Ifrit stands in a glowing ring with a glowing point at its center as the attack name Riptide is displayed.

Screenshot: Sq. Enix / Kotaku

Breach is to not be confused with Riptide, which reappears from Section 1. Nonetheless, the rings of water will seem in a manner that appears related to Breach at a look, so ensure you discover the distinction. That stated, you’ll be able to dodge Riptide in the very same manner. Look forward to the rings of water to shut in, and dodge into them to carry out a precision dodge.

As one other visible clue to distinguish between Breach and Riptide, observe that Leviathan will likely be out of the water for Riptide, in contrast to the dive that precedes Breach.

Ifrit burns on the water's surface as a few dozen large droplets or spheres of water fill the sky and the attack name Salt Spray is displayed.

Screenshot: Sq. Enix / Kotaku

Salt Spray is technically a brand new assault, however that is related in idea to Grand Fall from Section 1. Orbs will seem in entrance of you, and so they’ll fly at you after they individually flash. Nothing new to cowl right here, you’ve got a lot free house to dodge this one that you could actually wing it.

So far as I can inform, Leviathan doesn’t have a particular HP checkpoint that triggers the following section (I’ve had its well being bar above and beneath 50% when the transition happens). Nonetheless, you’ll actually know when the following section begins, as a result of it’s time for…

Ifrit looks at Leviathan who is encased in a large watery sphere.

Screenshot: Sq. Enix / Kotaku

Section 3: The DPS Test (Troubled Waters)

After a brief cinematic performs, Leviathan will forged Troubled Waters, making a defend round it. Like different defend phases from the primary sport, your objective is to shatter it inside a (principally) invisible time restrict. You will have roughly two minutes, and also you’ll solely know you’re working out of time once you see the phrases “The ocean rises in…” earlier than a 5 second countdown.

Whilst you do want to fret about assaults from Leviathan right here, there aren’t any advanced mechanics to take care of. To inflict as a lot harm as attainable, use the next methods:

Ifrit burns while attacking Leviathan in its big watery sphere.

Screenshot: Sq. Enix / Kotaku

1: Use your Spitfire capacity ASAP. Because it’s a ranged assault, you’ll be able to whack Leviathan with this proper at the beginning of the section so long as it’s off cooldown. Utilizing Spitfire early means it cools down sooner, letting you doubtlessly sneak in an additional forged earlier than you run out of time.

2: From there, spam Wildfire to get into melee vary of Leviathan. You’ll should deal with some primary assaults right here, together with some water spurts and extra water orbs that behave like Salt Spray and Grand Fall earlier. You possibly can skirt round these with out an excessive amount of bother, although you could must precision dodge the water orbs as you shut in. Don’t attempt to brute pressure this half and eat pointless assaults.

Ifrit and Leviathan do battle in a watery environment.

Screenshot: Sq. Enix / Kotaku

3: When you’re in melee vary, cost up and use the Brimstone talent instantly. If each particular strikes are cooling down, spam Ifrit’s primary combo of Sq.-Sq.-Sq.-Triangle to finish your assaults with a burst end. This can bounce Ifrit into the air, however you’ll be able to preserve repeating the combo whereas airborne, so don’t hassle ready for Ifrit to land. If Ifrit’s combo string pushes him away from Leviathan, simply Wildfire or dodge again into melee vary and preserve the stress on.

Leviathan is in its watery sphere.

Screenshot: Sq. Enix / Kotaku

4: Leviathan will proceed to make use of primary water orb and water burst assaults when you’re in melee vary. Once more, don’t attempt to brute pressure and eat these hits, because you’ll wind up inflicting much less harm when you get better from the knockback. Taking a second to dodge at simply the correct time is worth it, so don’t get too careworn in regards to the time restrict right here. If you happen to can pull off a precision dodge, you’ll be able to chain proper right into a precision counter that can inflict boosted harm (practically on par with a 3 regular melee assaults).

5: After sufficient time in melee vary, Leviathan will glow because the water beneath it ripples. This implies it’s casting a knockback capacity that can create distance between you and the boss once more. This can be a comparatively lengthy forged, so simply preserve dealing as a lot harm earlier than the power goes off. It inflicts no harm, so don’t fear about dodging something right here.

6: To sneak in just a little further harm, you’ll be able to cost your magic by holding Triangle whereas the knockback animation performs. This can allow you to sneak in a charged shot as quickly as you regain management.

Ifrit is seen dwarfed by the size of Leviathan's watery sphere as the words "The seas rise in..." are displayed.

Screenshot: Sq. Enix / Kotaku

7: Repeat the above steps, since there are not any new mechanics to study. Use Spitfire no matter vary, shut distance with Wildfire, and preserve comboing Leviathan whereas utilizing your talents as quickly as attainable. You’ll see yet one more knockback forged earlier than the section ends, so brace your self for that as you pile on the harm.

Make no mistake, it is a tight harm verify, particularly on Remaining Fantasy mode. Nonetheless, it does not require good play, particularly should you comply with the steps above. If you happen to slip up alongside the best way, simply preserve preventing. You’ll get it will definitely, and you’ll preserve working towards due to the combat’s beneficiant checkpoints.

When you shatter the defend, Leviathan will likely be staggered. Reap the benefits of this chance, since that is all free harm you’ll be able to inflict earlier than the following section begins. If you happen to occur to have talents off-cooldown, be sure that to make use of them now when you can stack up harm multipliers!

A whirlpool-like formation is seen on the water's surface and the attack name Maelstrom is displayed.

Screenshot: Sq. Enix / Kotaku

Section 4: Seething currents whorl

After Leviathan recovers from stagger, it should roar and instantly forged Maelstrom. This features form of like a mixture of Breach and Riptide from Section 1. A big space of impact will spawn round Ifrit, and after a few second, the water will flash and start to shut in in the direction of the middle. This assault could be very tough to dodge, as Ifrit will likely be pulled towards the middle and can take harm as soon as it begins to shut in.

Probably the most constant technique I discovered right here was to leap away from the middle, use Wildfire in midair, and time a dodge on the water’s edge. If executed proper, you’ll keep away from all harm. Nonetheless, even should you flub it a bit, this transfer offers huge harm should you’re near its middle when it resolves. So, on the very least, it is best to mitigate some harm by making an attempt to flee. Be certain to make use of Firelight should you want therapeutic!

Numerous arcs of glowing blue energy are seen as the attack name Riptide is displayed.

Screenshot: Sq. Enix / Kotaku

The rest of this combat makes use of most of the mechanics seen in Section 2, albeit far more aggressively. You will note a brand new iteration of Riptide seem right here, during which Leviathan will scatter a number of rings of water across the enviornment. Fortuitously, this transfer appears scarier than it’s. Concentrate on the rings that Clive is inside, and dodge into them as soon as they start to shut in. Only one well-timed dodge can resolve this whole assault, however you could must chain into one other dodge relying on the ring placement.

What appears to be a massive pillar of water rises out of the ocean's surface as the attack name Waterspout is displayed.

Screenshot: Sq. Enix / Kotaku

You’ll see a cinematic play because the combat progresses, which is an elaborate telegraph for the transfer Waterspout. This can summon a large twister that fills up practically all the display, and it’ll inflict huge harm if it connects. Fortuitously, this assault strikes in a set trajectory that received’t essentially comply with Ifrit. Spam Wildfire to maneuver both left or proper to get out of the best way of the assault.

After Waterspout, Leviathan will transfer instantly into Offended Seas. Regardless of the brand new title, this assault is predominantly a speedy string of its earlier named strikes utilized in speedy succession. The one tough half is that the person strikes received’t be recognized by their names, since this whole sequence is labeled as “Offended Seas.”

Arcs of blue energy are seen and the attack name Angry Seas is displayed.

Screenshot: Sq. Enix / Kotaku

Fortuitously, this transfer seems to comply with a set sequence of mechanics, so you’ll be able to predict every part if it helps. Offended Seas consists of Riptide thrice, Maelstrom, Salt Spray (from behind Ifrit in my testing), Waterjet, Salt Spray (in entrance this time!), and Tidal Roar. That is the primary you’ve seen Tidal Roar since Section 1, however you’ll be able to dodge it in the identical manner you probably did earlier than. Simply ensure you’re exterior of that huge space of impact marker within the water.

Offended Seas is a really lengthy assault, so attempt to spam Triangle to maintain capturing magic at Leviathan when you dodge. Optimistically, you would possibly break Leviathan’s stagger bar once more and interrupt the onslaught.

After Offended Seas resolves, you’re within the house stretch for this encounter. Preserve piling on harm, and as soon as Leviathan solely has a small little bit of its well being remaining, it should warp away from you and summon an enormous Tsunami. That is the top of the combat, so mash the Sq. button on the immediate in the course of the cutscene and benefit from the fairly ending cinematic. Congratulations on clearing the primary story of The Rising Tide!

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