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As an RPG, Remaining Fantasy VII Rebirth has no scarcity of facet quests and hard bosses. A combo of the 2 in Rebirth duties you with taking out one among Remaining Fantasy’s iconic creatures: Tonberries! This time, nonetheless, you’ll must not solely take down the Tonberry King as one of many steps of the “Saga of the Seaside Inn” facet quest, however steal their crown and provides it to Johnny (of all individuals), too.

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The important thing to snagging that crown is a materia you will have been neglecting: Steal materia. This orb permits you to use the Steal ATB command, which might internet you some objects should you steal from the best creature. Within the case of the Tonberry King, it’s what’s wanted to seize their crown, netting you a Pristine crown as a substitute of the messed-up one you’ll get in any other case. Popping out victorious isn’t sufficient for this quest: You’ll want to steal the crown.

Discovering and combating the Tonberry King

Scanning 4 Lifespring crystals within the Corel Area will mark the Tonberry King’s location in your map. The area’s strongest Fiend Intel problem, you’ll achieve an icon in your map close to the coast titled “Labeled Intel: Heavy Lies the Crown.” Head on over to this space to problem the Tonberry King.

Screenshot: Sq. Enix / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

A legendary foe throughout the Remaining Fantasy collection, Tonberries are sluggish to maneuver, however fast to kill. Actually, they may knife your character unconscious with one hit, and the Tonberry King in Rebirth may even render a personality unrevivable should you’re not cautious.

You’ll want to have revive materia or reviving objects like Phoenix Downs readily available, since you very properly might have them.

I desire to go after the Tonberry King with an excellent quantity of ranged choices, however be warned: Tonberry King will use “Name for Pals” to summon smaller tonberries which might additionally kill you in a single hit. In the event that they’re on the sphere, take ‘em out quick. They will and can sneak up on you when you’re too targeted on the large man.

Melee fighters ought to stand up near the King, deal injury, after which again off when the King is about to strike—and that’s the important thing to Staggering them. Ranged fighters might need extra respiration room, however you’ll must dodge the King’s “Doom and Gloom” assault, which might swiftly knock out a personality.

Steal the crown, the 1st step: Stress the Tonberry King

Yuffie Assesses the Tonberry King to reveal how to Pressure it.

Screenshot: Sq. Enix / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

Begin the struggle, as it is best to with all fights in Rebirth, by Assessing the King. You’ll rapidly see there aren’t any clear vulnerabilities right here. Pressuring the King requires you to deal giant quantities of injury after dodging an assault of theirs. Should you want a refresher on how Stress and Staggering work, see our fight suggestions information for a breakdown.

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Pressuring the Tonberry King is all about timing. You’ll must dodge, then strike with a robust assault (ATB assaults work properly, as does Cloud’s Punisher Mode). I like to recommend filling up your character’s ATB gauges and hanging on to them for this second. The L1 + face button combo is particularly helpful right here because it’ll prevent a menu dive (although going into the menu slows down time, so should you’re extra tactical in your combating fashion, you’ll be fantastic).

Use Synergy Talent assaults (R1 + both triangle or sq. relying on who you may have in your occasion and which Synergy Expertise you’ve unlocked) to quickly fill your gauges. Then, as soon as the King makes an assault, dodge away and hit ‘em with as a lot energy as you may have, throughout as many characters as you may. However you should definitely go away not less than one ATB gauge charged for the character who has Steal materia geared up.

As soon as Pressured, the King will drop its crown, however you’ll must act quick to seize it.

Steal the crown, step two: Use Steal on the dropped crown

Gif: Sq. Enix / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

As soon as dropped, the King’s crown will seem as a goal in battle. Even when you have Steal mapped to an L1 shortcut, soar into the menu for this command. Slowing down time is fairly vital for snagging the crown earlier than the King picks it up, and choosing it within the menu will assure that you just goal the crown with Steal, not the King.

Goal the crown with Steal and also you’ll snag it. One step stays.

Steal the crown, step three: Kill the Tonberry useless

Nice, you’ve Pressured the King and stolen the crown. Now it’s time to return out of the battle alive. You’ll want to hold your distance when essential to keep away from the King’s deadly assaults and be ready to dodge “Doom and Gloom” when it’s forged. The King is proof against Stone and Proportional Harm, however different debuffs are honest recreation: Gradual, Deprotect, Deshell, and so on.

Stress, Stagger, go nuts till victory.

After snagging that crown, go to the Johnny doppelganger who gave you the project handy it over. Now bask within the pleasure of realizing that you just’ve helped make Johnny’s desires of proudly owning the proper resort come true. Thanks, bro!

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