June 15, 2024

Steel Gear Stable’s Grasp Assortment has been out since October 2023. And whereas it is vitally missing in some key methods that we’d anticipate from a contemporary remaster within the twenty first century, it nonetheless comprises a hefty choice of a number of the best video games of the late ‘90s and 2000s.

Whether or not you’re taking part in the unique 1998 Steel Gear Stable for the primary time, or are revisiting it after a few years, you may not know that you could unlock some fancy objects that make repeat playthroughs of the sport means simpler. (Or maybe, like me, you merely forgot the way to.)

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In reality, when you already beat the sport, it’s doubtless you earned a cool new merchandise for doing so. Let’s go over the way to use it in a second playthrough.

Tips on how to entry MGS’s New Sport Plus mode

Screenshot: Konami / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

After you hit the tip of Steel Gear Stable, you possibly can restart the sport with any bonus objects you earned upon completion. To enter New Sport Plus, merely test your saved video games and also you’ll see “Dock” shaded in orange. Load up that recreation and it’ll take you to Snake’s opening infiltration within the docks of Shadow Moses, new objects and all.

Tips on how to get the Bandana (and what it does)

Let’s begin with the tougher merchandise to earn: The Bandana. To get this merchandise, you’ll want to face up to Ocelot’s torture sequence with out giving up. Doing so will be sure that Meryl lives. She’ll provide the Bandana on the finish of the sport. Whenever you begin up from this save file by way of the tactic above, you’ll have the merchandise with you.

A screenshot of Metal Gear Solid shows the player equipping the Bandana.

Screenshot: Konami / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

The Bandana, as Snake states in Steel Gear Stable 2, grants infinite ammo. This makes it tremendous simple to breeze by way of boss fights and scripted battle sequences just like the well-known stairway showdown with the genome troopers. Steel Gear Rex additionally turns into a lot simpler to battle as you’ll have infinite chaff grenades to toss, throwing off the rockets’ capability to trace you.

Tips on how to survive Ocelot’s torture sequence and get out of the cell as quick as doable

The Bandana isn’t received simply. It’s essential to faucet the motion button (circle on PlayStation, B on Xbox, A on Change) as quick as you presumably can.

In my expertise, it’s means tougher to tug this off efficiently by holding the controller usually. What I favor to do (and used to in 1998) is the next: Lay the controller within the palm of your left hand and grip it from the middle. Then flip the controller in order that it’s dealing with you and the motion button is pointed towards the ground.

Then, place the tip of your thumb above the motion button (which can all the time be the right-most face button no matter your controller sort), together with your center and ring fingers (it’s important to make use of these fingers to stabilize your hand on the opposite facet of the controller because it facilities the mass of your hand over the motion button) gripping the underside of the controller’s proper set off. Your thumb needs to be mashing the motion button away from you.

You’ll nonetheless have to faucet the button very quick (sure, it’s presupposed to be onerous). I discover the Xbox controller with its domed button floor to be simpler than the flatter button on PlayStation for positive.

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When you’re within the cell after the interrogation sequence, name Otacon on the codec. He’ll revisit you after you full another torture sequence and gives you some rations and a bottle of ketchup. Look ahead to the guard (who occurs to be our expensive pal, Johnny) to go to the toilet and equip the ketchup, lay on the ground and press sq. on PlayStation (X on Xbox, Y on Change). It will make it seem like Snake is bleeding. When the guard comes again, he’ll enter the cell to test on you in a rush. Shortly rise up and both punch him out or break his neck, and also you’re free.

Watch out: It’s simple to screw this up, because the guard is more likely to head for the door to lock you in, forcing you to outlive one more torture sequence.

Tips on how to get Stealth Camouflage (and what it does)

If you happen to select to submit throughout Ocelet’s torture sequence, Meryl will die and also you’ll escape Shadow Moses with Otacon on the finish of the sport. He’ll offer you Stealth Camo, and whenever you begin a brand new recreation off of this save file, you should utilize it from the start of the sport.

Stealth camo shades Snake in a clear inexperienced and makes it in order that guards and most cameras can’t see him. It really works on some bosses, however not others. Additionally, Snake will nonetheless get noticed throughout scripted encounters with guards.

A number of different enjoyable objects

When you beat the sport a second time, you’ll earn the Digital Digital camera. This allows you to snap photographs (and even spot a number of ghostly photographs). End the sport a 3rd time and also you’ll unlock Snake’s tuxedo (no microtransactions needed!).


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