April 15, 2024

Dugongue / Nintendo

Play it on: Nintendo DS (however there are comparable video games on many platforms)
Present purpose: See if it will possibly stump me

Within the last days of the Neo Geo Pocket Coloration’s transient, lovely life I imported a number of of the ultimate English-translated video games from the UK, and amongst them was an unassuming cart referred to as Image Puzzle. Little did I do know it might be my gateway into the world of nonograms, a sort of logic puzzle during which you deduce the layouts of dots on a grid primarily based on numerical clues, ultimately forming an image. It was love at first furrow.

Although I acquired my fill of those video games over the subsequent few years, I nonetheless take pleasure in the best way they scratch my mind, and there’s a near-limitless variety of them out there for Nintendo handhelds. So it was that I loaded Nintendo’s Picross DS onto my DSi XL this week and as soon as once more began deciphering the dots.

I don’t even keep in mind if I’ve performed this one earlier than, however so long as the UI is nice, and it’s within the Nintendo ones, most any nonogram recreation will do. (Picross DS has some good music, however keep on with the essential blue-on-white colour scheme, as most of the alt ones are eye-rending.) One factor I’m wondering, and I normally drift away earlier than discovering out, is that if a given nonogram recreation, in its later phases, will depart from purely logic-based puzzles and begin to require—I shudder simply typing this—guessing.

I keep in mind feeling a number of the late-game Image Puzzle grids did, however I used to be younger and inexperienced. Even now it’s attainable there exist some superior, logic-based fixing strategies that but elude me. Maybe this time I’ll keep on with Picross DS, which I perceive maxes out at monstrous 25×20 grids, lengthy sufficient to see simply how troublesome it will possibly actually get. — Alexandra Corridor