April 15, 2024

Help mains are ecstatic that Overwatch 2 is including a much-needed new healer to the roster, however Ilari is probably not the healer you’re searching for. I acquired in some (albeit restricted) playtime with the brand new character, who’s dropping with Overwatch 2: Invasion, and I’m a bit frightened for my healer mains. Not solely does she have a reasonably excessive ability ceiling, however I can see her simply turning into a thorn in gamers’ sides.

Ilari can do a good quantity of injury, and has some fairly spectacular mobility, which may result in gamers specializing in utilizing her for attacking somewhat than therapeutic her squad. She’s described by Blizzard as “lethal in the suitable palms, particularly for gamers with a excessive mechanical ability,” and I believe that she may find yourself being deadlier than different aggressive, high-damage healers like Moira, Brigitte, and Baptiste.

In that case, that may very well be a significant drawback for Overwatch 2’s simply upended meta.

New healer Ilari skills and preview

Throughout my hands-on preview, I solely get to play Ilari (who’s Peruvian, and attracts her energy from the solar) a couple of instances, however I shortly understand that she’s a personality that can require some critical observe. Her Photo voltaic Rifle has two totally different firing modes: a extra exact hitscan shot that does injury to enemy gamers, and a projectile beam of sunshine much like Zarya’s weapon that can heal her teammates. This projectile, like Moira’s therapeutic stream, has to recharge somewhat than reload, so that you’ll have to pay very shut consideration to the meter to make sure you can preserve pumping your teammates with that candy, candy nectar.

Her therapeutic pylon, which sends out little spurts of well being that remind me of Lifeweaver’s major firing mode, can present some nice passive heals—however it may be destroyed, and gamers will goal it instantly as with Baptiste’s protection matrix “lamp.” The destruction of her pylon significantly knee-capped her therapeutic functionality, particularly since her therapeutic beam’s power ranges appeared to deplete somewhat shortly in 5v5 scraps. Her beam can simply heal a singular participant going through off in opposition to one or two enemies, however with out the pylon, it may be laborious to maintain up the staff in group firefights. You’ll should be very intelligent along with your pylon placement (it could possibly stick with surfaces, so throwing it on the nook of a wall is nice) to make sure she will be able to successfully heal a number of teammates directly.

Picture: Blizzard

Ilari has a pleasant little motion capability known as Outburst that can launch you within the course you’re shifting, and holding soar will ship her even greater. It’s nice for getting out of sticky conditions, however I can even see it being utilized by extra aggressive gamers to shut the hole and take out enemies.

Her final, Captive Solar, is extremely highly effective, a lot in order that I can think about Blizzard will nerf it not lengthy after she debuts on August 10. Throughout it, Ilari hovers in midair and fires an explosive ball of photo voltaic power that has a good AoE impact. “It’s the primary final within the sport that’s concentrating on enemies,” senior sport designer Piero Herrera mentioned throughout a press roundtable. Enemies hit by it have their motion slowed down, and in the event that they take sufficient injury from it, will explode. You possibly can see how Ilari’s equipment is tailor-made for aggressive, damage-focused play, proper? Nicely, Blizzard desires that.

The healer who hurts

“We needed to create an attack-centric assist,” Herrera mentioned. “So, a lot of intention mechanics right here, proper? FPS gamers are actually going to like taking part in this character, though it’s a assist.” Her heightened motion capabilities make her “actually good at flanking” in accordance with Herrera, which additionally means gamers who aren’t all that eager about therapeutic can depart you hanging to chase down an enemy Genji.

As a assist major, I’m all too conscious of the plague of gamers who wish to play injury however don’t wish to wait within the longer DPS queues, in order that they play assist like DPS and deal with killing enemies somewhat than therapeutic teammates. That’s why Ilari scares me.

Ilari uses her Outburst movement ability, with Soldier: 76 and Sombra in the background.

Picture: Blizzard

Now, that is probably not the case for each particular person taking part in Ilari, however traditionally Overwatch has had points with individuals choosing the assist position and selecting to deal with injury as a substitute—and whereas this may work in sure conditions (when you’ve got a second healer who can pump out a ton of heals, in case you’re doing a lot injury that the enemy staff can’t retaliate, and many others.), it doesn’t at all times.

Ilari can, nevertheless, very simply grow to be a assist participant who does spectacular quantities of injury and therapeutic—in the suitable palms. Due to her excessive ability ceiling, she’ll want a deft hand to have the ability to intention her railgun for each assault and heals and superior spatial/map consciousness to have the ability to cleverly place her pylon and maximize the effectivity of her Outburst soar. For gamers who can discover that steadiness, she’ll be a implausible asset in aggressive modes. However for many who choose her simply to get kills, she could find yourself being an extremely irritating addition to the roster.

Ilari drops as a part of Overwatch 2: Invasion on August 10. She gained’t be accessible in aggressive modes simply but, as is custom with new heroes.

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