July 13, 2024

Starfield has a fully huge galaxy to discover, so it was solely a matter of time earlier than gamers began discovering Easter eggs and refined nods to different sci-fi franchises that got here earlier than it. Just lately, a sure liveable planet within the Eridani system has followers satisfied it’s a recreation of a slightly unlucky world within the Halo sequence.

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Gamers have found that Starfield’s model of the Epsilon Eridani star system, an actual star system that’s additionally a serious a part of Halo lore, features a planet that bears a putting resemblance to that of Attain, the place 2010’s Halo: Attain came about. Described on Halopedia as that includes “towering mountains, deserts, and weather-beaten forests,” Starfield’s Eridani II has related terrain to Attain. Sadly, nobody’s found any bizarre ostrich-like birdies.

A star map in Starfield shows the planet of Eridani II.

Screenshot: Bethesda Sport Studios / Kotaku

And like Attain, Eridani II is the second planet within the Eridani star’s orbit.

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As talked about, Eridani II is an actual star system on the market within the void. It was first written about in Ptolemy’s Catalog of Stars, which listed over 1,000 worlds, in addition to different Islamic works of astronomy. Within the 1900s, it was estimated to be about 10.5 light-years from our photo voltaic system. Early on, SETI (the Seek for Extraterrestrial Intelligence challenge which scans the skies for indicators of different civilizations) took curiosity in Epsilon Eridani and Tau Ceti—which can be in Starfield and featured in Marathon, one other Bungie shooter—as a possible spot for liveable planets, both that includes extraterrestrial life itself or presumably proving a very good candidate for future house journey.

Find out how to discover the Halo: Attain Easter egg in Starfield

A star map shows the distance to the Eridani star system from Alpha Centauri.

Screenshot: Bethesda Sport Studios / Kotaku

If you happen to’d like to go to Eridani II in Starfield, you are able to do so very early on within the recreation. Ranging from Alpha Centauri (residence of The Lodge and different early story moments in Starfield), go down and to the left on the star map and also you’ll discover the Eridani star system, which is just a mere 19.11 mild years away.

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As soon as there, merely navigate to Eridani II and contact down on any of its biome areas for comfy climate and mountainous terrain. As some followers have identified, Eridani II’s places are nearer to what’s seen within the Halo: Attain stage “Tip of the Spear” than its extra lush, grassy areas proven in different factors of the sport’s marketing campaign. It is a prime location for Halo followers to construct their first outpost (and also you received’t must take care of the challenges of maximum environments).

A lone helmet sits on the ground before some mountains.

Could your journey on Eridani II be a bit extra lucky than a sure Spartan.
Screenshot: Bethesda Sport Studios / Kotaku

You additionally received’t must take care of, you realize, Covenant.