July 13, 2024

You’ve most likely heard this earlier than, however Starfield, Bethesda’s newest open-world RPG, could be very, very huge. The brand new sport, out now in “early entry” on Xbox and PC, spans a number of photo voltaic methods and a whole bunch of planets. And when exploring that huge digital galaxy, the in-game maps are wonderful. However when you land on a planet or land in a metropolis, the in-game map system goes from wonderful to terrible.

Bethesda’s Starfield launched early for deep-pocketed gamers on Thursday after years of hype and following some sneaky leaks. The large area RPG lets gamers discover a digital galaxy full of a whole bunch of planets and quests. And early on, I solely used the maps in-game to fast-travel to new planets. However as soon as I landed within the first huge metropolis, New Atlantis, I opened up the floor map and set my eyes upon the horrible blue mess that’s Starfield’s native “map.”

Calling the blue-and-white grid of floating icons and featureless void a “map” feels beneficiant. Maps, even the worst of them, are helpful to some diploma. The native planet map in Starfield isn’t helpful in any respect. Not within the slightest. Have a look at this and check out to determine…something!

A screenshot of the map from Starfield.

A zoomed-in screenshot of Starfield’s in-game map doesn’t impress.
Screenshot: Bethesda / Kotaku

Followers leaping into the sport are complaining on Reddit concerning the map and in addition evaluating it unfavorably to previous Bethesda city maps, like those in The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. And it’s true, evaluating them instantly, it’s irritating to see Bethesda take such a backward step on such an vital function. Having the ability to pop open a map and look across the space for a store or quest could be very useful in a large RPG. But, this horrible blue nightmare offers you no actual context—like hills, roads, and so forth—for the place these locations truly are, or how one can get to them.

As a substitute of the native map, use the scanner

I’ve given up making an attempt to make use of this map and have primarily relied on the scanner device in Starfield. This function permits you to pop open an augmented reality-like HUD that allows you to see the place retailers, quests, and different vital locations are on the earth by simply wanting round. It additionally attracts a path on the bottom so that you can comply with to achieve your goal and allows you to fast-travel to places you’ve visited just by aiming at them and clicking a button. It’s not a alternative for a neighborhood map, however contemplating the terrible blue void Starfield considers a map, it’s the most suitable choice in the intervening time.

It’s odd as a result of I discover the sport’s galaxy and area maps fairly dang good, for probably the most half. Positive, I want area journey was a bit extra “touring” and fewer simply menu hopping, however after I want to have a look at planets and photo voltaic methods in Starfield, the maps are good. They function textured planets and recognizable recreations of the areas you need to go to. , like a map!

However land on a type of planets or cities and also you’ll be caught utilizing that horrendous floating grid of icons.

I assume that within the subsequent few days and weeks, Starfield modders will shortly add native city and planet maps, as that is shortly changing into one of many greatest complaints I’ve seen from followers. Even people who find themselves having fun with the sport immensely, like myself, are battling the terrible excuse of a neighborhood map that at present exists within the sport.