June 15, 2024

Picture: Aggro Crab

Are you enjoying One other Crab’s Treasure and questioning which shell is one of the best one? All of them have their utilities, so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all shell, however One other Crab’s Treasure does have one which comes fairly rattling shut, and you may unlock it comparatively early on if you happen to play your playing cards proper. The valve shell, which has no relation to the creators of Steam, is an exceptionally {powerful} shell that boasts nice protection, and ultimately, an awesome offense too. Right here’s the way to get your claws on the valve shell as quickly as potential.

Quickly after you clear the primary main zone of One other Crab’s Treasure, you’ll make your solution to the sport’s central hub, New Carcinia, the place you’ll be given the sport’s predominant quest: a treasure hunt throughout three distinct areas of the underwater society. The primary of those is a grove to the north, and that’s the place you’ll be capable of discover the omnipotent valve after you do some artful platforming with the sport’s grapple hook.

On the Rainbow River Moon Snail location, you’re going to need to press ahead as if you happen to had been progressing by way of the realm as normal, however follow the right-hand facet by the cliff’s edge. Quickly sufficient, you’ll come to a highway with spiky urchins that begins winding up a hill and to the left, which is the place you’re going to diverge from the meant route. On the hill to your proper, there will probably be some platforms and sniper crabs in addition to some grapple spots even additional to the proper. Take within the sights (however don’t idle there for too lengthy) as a result of that is the place you’re going to need to go to search out the valve early.

You're going to want to position yourself under the straw in order to be able to jump and reach the highlighted grapple point.

Picture: Aggro Crab

The milk carton where you can find the valve shell in the Expired Grove in Another Crab's Treasure.

Picture: Aggro Crab

There’s a straw leg holding up the closest platform to you, and it coincidentally marks a cliff face that you may platform onto. As soon as right here, you’re going to need to ensure that your digital camera is pointed up and straight on the grappling hook that you simply noticed earlier. Bounce and float in its basic route and the sport will allow you to grapple it very quickly.

When you launch your self from that one, grapple to the following highest grapple level, and land on the platform with the sideways milk carton in the course of the chasm. Simply inside this carton, you’ll discover the valve shell, and identical to that, you’ve discovered some of the {powerful} shells (and later weapon attachments) in One other Crab’s Treasure. Now you simply have to run an insurance coverage rip-off to ensure you can by no means lose it…

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