April 14, 2024

Selecting which get together members to take into fight is all the time an vital a part of a Ultimate Fantasy recreation, and that’s very true in Ultimate Fantasy VII Rebirth. The just-released RPG gives intense, action-packed fight and offers each character their very own signature preventing type. Whereas you could have previous favorites from the unique, or wish to hold the Avalanche crew from Remake collectively, that isn’t all the time possible right here. However one factor stays true in Rebirth— Yuffie is just one of the best get together member.

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Rebirth brings again the action-forward fight of Remake which lets gamers create a celebration and take management of every member at any given time, although some sections pressure you right into a predetermined get together. Getting misplaced within the recreation’s narrative could lead you to play most of Rebirth controlling Cloud, however in case you aren’t switching up who you play as, you’re lacking out on the full-spectrum of fight that the sport has to supply. And also you’ll seemingly by no means develop to understand why I (and plenty of others) love Yuffie’s fight a lot.

Most combatants in Rebirth are ranged or close-combat fighters. There are methods to make each character have some versatility by materia and Folio upgrades, however on the finish of the day, Cloud and Tifa are going to rise up shut and private whereas Barret and Aerith are going to remain again and supply cowl hearth. However Yuffie walks the road between either side. Wielding her large shuriken, Yuffie can slash up foes at shut vary however may also throw it at an enemy from a distance, which triggers her ninjutsu to inflict injury and stagger.

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The flexibility to zip proper again to her shuriken with the press of a button will increase her mobility and makes her a fantastic aerial fighter, versus the likes of Cloud. In fact, like several good RPG, you’ll be able to improve and tweak every get together member in order that they’re possible to make use of in any battle, however Yuffie is constructed to be indispensable from the beginning. There isn’t a time after I wouldn’t need her on my group.

Apart from her precise usefulness, she’s additionally simply enjoyable as hell to play. As a lot as I’m a proponent of the remake trilogy’s fight, it definitely has some sore spots. Guarding can really feel particularly gradual at instances and sure fighters really feel completely ill-equipped to deal with aerial enemies (which I perceive is meant to make you alter characters nevertheless it’s nonetheless very irritating). In distinction, Yuffie’s controls really feel tight and responsive. Each time I press an enter whereas taking part in as Yuffie I do know precisely what I’m doing and what the outcome can be, which I don’t all the time really feel like with the opposite get together members. Enjoying Yuffie is a purely joyous expertise the place I zip throughout the display screen and wrecking enemies with type.

Yuffie’s superiority in battle isn’t information although, at the very least to not those that performed Episode INTERmission, which starred her in a brand-new journey. Whereas Yuffie did have a companion in that recreation, you solely management her, so she was designed to be an efficient, all-around battler in fight.. Rebirth reveals that even in a celebration setup, Yuffie’s fight type reigns supreme.

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